The Grand Ascent is sanctioned by the Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA) & members get first preference for the available slots.

Grand Ascent at Hershey General Eligibility Requirements:

  • Any and all VSCCA cars with VSCCA logbooks are always eligible.
  • All later year cars are approved on a case by case basis.
  • All cars and driver equipment must conform to the VSCCA Safety Regulations (at a minimum).

VSCCA Safety Standards 2016


  • Drivers should be current members of a VMC club, hill climb association, or (if coming from overseas for example) equivalent.
  • Cars should be prepared similarly to VSCCA cars where presentation and originality are of greater importance than performance.
  • No slick tires or tires with “holographic” tread.

All other cars must meet VSCCA standards and driver requirements. To see if you and your vehicle qualify or to submit an application to run your car, Please go to

Starting in 2018, however, VSCCA and The Elegance will consider other low-displacement vehicles that meet the spirit of the organization and the event. These cars will be approved on an individual basis.

Specific Invitational Car Classes:

  • ≤ 1970 Production sports cars and sporting sedans of up to approximately 1500cc engine displacement
  • ≤ 1970 Sports Racers from SCCA H-Mod/DSR and G-Mod/CSR
  • ≤ 1970 Formula V

Possible exceptions in excess of the above might be possible for historically significant cars or cars that are “stock” or very lightly prepared.

Hill Climb Operations Chairman is Stefan Vapaa. Stefan is both a competitor and organizer in the vintage racing world. We are proud to have him on the team of the Grand Ascent and we invite those with questions about car eligibility, technical standards and operations logistics to contact Stefan him at [email protected] .

All other questions in regard to the hill climb may be directed to Steve Moskowitz at [email protected] or by calling 717-534-1910. There are vendor opportunities, volunteer opportunities and other various ways to be a part of this great weekend.