JUNE 9-11, 2017 | HERSHEY, PA


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The Elegance at Hershey continues with this fun event incorporated into the automotive weekend of festivities.

Dubbed, “Concorso Bizarro”, the tongue-in-cheek car show brings together those mechanical misfits, those automotive abhorrence’s, and the just plain tacky.

They are forgotten and forlorn- never the centerpiece of a dedicated gathering at an automotive event but each has a story to tell.  This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate this part of our hobby.  No trailer queens, no over-the-top restorations.  They’re the pride and joys of their respective owners and the Concorso Bizarro allows us the chance to have a little fun with both the vehicles and their owners.  For one day in June they will be the stars of the show!”

“I fully appreciate and revere the great machines such as the Duesenbergs and Ferraris that grace the showfield on Sunday,” noted Elegance Board Member Mark Lizewskie, “but for some reason I’ve always gravitated towards these weird and wacky cars”. “People may not say ‘Wow!’ when they view a Yugo, a Gremlin, or someone’s art car creation, but they certainly smile and chuckle”.

The new event takes place Saturday June 11th from 10-3 in the parking field adjacent to Route 39 and Boathouse Road in Hershey. It adds another layer of automotive experiences to The Elegance at Hershey, including the Grand Ascent vintage hill climb races, the Keno Brothers Fine Automobile Auction, and of course the feature of the weekend, Sunday’s The Elegance at the Hotel Hershey.

To view this wonderful and bizarre creations just purchase a ticket for the Grand Ascent and join us for a day of racing and car gawking.


Congratulations to the 2015 winners:

Best In Show: Coffin Rod, Dustin Chestnut & Hillbilly Model A Truck, John Kauffman

Hagerty Award: Cartoon Truck, Robert Luezur