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The AACA Museum & AACA Library and Research Center

All the Board members of The Elegance at Hershey, are car collectors. In an era when most people view the automobile as little more than an appliance for getting from point “A” to point “B” there are still those that are moved by the history, the passion for excellence in engineering and design and the outright fun of owning and driving a car from a bygone era.

The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) is the largest collector car club in the world with approximately 60,000 members. The club, headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania has been dedicated to supporting those who collect cars and related vehicles since 1935. Long ago the club realized that each generation is nothing more than stewards of the cars they collect, protecting them for the generations to come. To foster this stewardship and keep the flame of preservation and collecting alive, AACA, a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization, founded a Library in 1981 and a museum  in 2003 (Now an independent organization).  Half of the proceeds from The Elegance At Hershey will go to the AACA to be divided equally between the Museum and Library.

The AACA Museum (Antique Auto Museum at Hershey) owns and operates a facility open to the public in Hershey, PA. Not only is the museum a notable tourist attraction in a town of tourist attractions but it is a fully functional non-profit museum dedicated to preserving cars and artifacts for display, entertainment and education. These functions are volunteer driven and totally supported by donations, entry fees and hosting of special events.


The AACA Library and Research Center a free public library is also located in Hershey, and is an active repository and research facility for materials related to the history of all manner of over the road transportation. With approximately 1 million items in its collections and a professional staff dedicated to maintaining and furthering those collections, the library assits hundreds of researchers and aficianados from all over the world every year. This library, like most today, needs constant support to exist.

All of these non-profit entities are part of the Hershey community and are used and enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year. The Elegance At Hershey is proud to support these locally based and nationally recognized institutions.