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Chief Judge Paul Sable

Paul Sable
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

Paul is a university marketing professor, and an automotive historian and writer. He’s also an enthusiast and fervent collector of unique cars of the 1950s such as the Hudson Italia, Nash-Healey, Dual Ghia and Fiat Ottu Vu (V-8).

Founder and former director of the Concours of the Eastern United States in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Paul has been a head class judge or judged at nearly every major concours in the U.S. Paul Sable is respected not only for his knowledge of automobiles but for his ability to bring out the best from a team of judges.

Judging Graphic

Judging Criteria

At The Elegance at Hershey, we judge using what has come to be known as French concours rules, which basically means we rate the cars on the visual impact they make. Other criteria such as the car's condition, authenticity, restoration, rarity and historical importance are also considered, but the main factors are the car's style, beauty and elegance.

There is no such thing as the perfect car, so concours judges form an opinion of the car they feel is the best at that particular show, on that particular day. After all, the French term concours d'elegance means "competition of elegance."

Class Judges

H. DeWayne Ashmead, Fruit Heights, Utah.

DeWayne has approximately 60 rare and one-of-a-kind cars in his collection, many of which have been seen at automotive events across the U.S. He has authored several magazine articles on automobiles and has been featured on automotive programs made for television and radio. DeWayne has served as a concours judge at numerous events throughout the U.S.

N. Mark Becker, Jacksonville, Florida.

Mark was on the board of directors of the Amelia Island Concours for seven years before becoming its vice chairman in 2014. He is a former semi-pro racer in motocross, Formula Vees and Formula Fords, and is an eclectic collector/restorer whose collection spans the spectrum from microcars to CCCA Classics.

Jeff Broadus. Orlando, Florida.

Jeff is director of marketing and communication for Heacock Classic Collector Car Insurance. He is a past marketing director for The Robb Report, and past marketing director/publisher/owner of Car Collector magazine.

Martin Button. Carmel, California.

Martin is a member of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance selection committee, an announcer for its concours awards, and is involved in its many publications. Martin owns Cosdel International Transportation, overseeing the logistics involved in transporting collector cars to automotive events around the world.

Sandra Button. Carmel, California.

Sandra has been chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance since 2002 and was its executive director for decades prior. She is a very active participant in the collector car community and often officiates at automotive events from Asia and the Middle East to Europe and South America.

Frank Campanale. Birmingham, Michigan.

Frank is chairman/CEO of Lebenthal Wealth Advisors, and is on the board of trustees of the College for Creative Studies, one of the most highly ranked colleges for automotive design. He also races cars in SCCA, IMSA and HSR, and was the co-founder of Concorso d'Ialia.

Randy Cox, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Randy is a former Ford Motor Co. designer, and the founder and co-chairman of the Concorso D’ Italia concour. He is also the owner of an award winning automobile restoration shop, and serves on the boards and as a judge at concours across the United States.

Jerry Evans. Reading, Pennsylvania.

The Elegance at Hershey judging coordinator. Scorer at Reading Ferrari Concours for 26 years, judged and assisted with coordinating and scoring in northeast region shows for the past 17 years.

Philip Fleck, Limekiln, Pennsylvania.

Philip is a retired medical device company executive with a lifetime passion for classic cars. He’s a collector of postwr European sports cars and currently is involved with the restoration shop Classic Era Motors in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, and collections chairman of the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles.

L. Scott George. Naples, Florida.

Scott is the president of CH Motorcars, acting curator of the Collier Collection, and vice president of The Revs Institute for Automotive Research. He also oversees a partnership between The Revs Institute and the Revs Program at Stanford, and a member of the national advisory board for the Automotive Restoration Program at McPherson College in Kansas.

Ken Gross, Hamilton, Virginia.

Ken is a journalist, fine art museum curator and former director of the Petersen Automotive Mueum in L.A. He contributes to AutoWeek, Playboy, American Car Collector and Hagerty Classic Cars. In 2014, Ken received the Automotive Hall of Fame distinguished service citation, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance’s Lorin Tryon Trophy, the International Motor Press Association’s Ken Purdy award adn the Motor Press Guild’s Dean Bachelor lifetime achievement award. Ken is also a recipient of the Lee Iacocca Award and the IAMA lifetime achievement award.

Adam Hammer. Traverse City, Michigan.

Adam is the owner of Hammer & Dolly Auto Restorations, with a passion in prewar CCCA Classics. A graduate of McPherson College with a bachelors degree in automotive restoration and business, he worked at shops specializing in Rolls-Royce Ghosts, Packards and Duesenbergs before opening his own shop in 2012.

Barbara Anna Kefalonitis. Blairstown, New Jersey.

Barbara is past director and currently on the board of managers of CCCA's Metro Region, serves on the CCCA Museum board of trustees, is the head judge for the Museum Experience, and is past president of AACA's Pocono Region. She is a CCCA certified master judge, and an AACA senior master judge.

John Kefalonitis. Blairstown, New Jersey.

John operates his own automobile appraisal business. He is a national director of CCCA, currently serving as head judge. He is a CCCA certified master judge, an AACA senior master judge, and a certified judge for Classic Thunderbird Club, Mercedes Club of America, NCRS, Shelby American, and Packard Club.

David Kinney. Great Falls, Virginia.

David owns USAppraisal, a dedicated automotive only appraisal firm. He writes auction report columns for AutoWeek and Automobile magazine and is a monthly columnist in the British publication Octane. Dave is the founder and publisher of The Hagerty Price Guide and gives valuation seminars at various automotive events.

Mark Lambert. Nashville, Tennessee.

Mark operates Lambert Auto in Nashville where he specializes in restoration and tour preparation on Classics and pre- and postwar sports and racing cars, and servicing preservation cars. Customers around the globe have sought his help for nearly 30 years. Mark is a veteran judge at several U.S. concours including Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Boca Raton and French Lick.

Michel Lamoureux, Montreal.

Michel is Special Advisor for the newly established Cobble Beach Concours, and represents the Province of Québec on the board of the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada. He is a regular contributor to Hagerty Classic Cars and Le Magazine de l'Auto Ancienne.

Nigel Matthews. Richmond, British Columbia

Nigel is chairman and chief judge of the Canadian Concours d’Elegance in Vancouver, British Columbia. amd judged at the 2015 Cartier Concours in Delhi, India. He has written a weekly column in the Canadian press for the past 13 years and also writes for a number of magazines. He is currently global director of client services for Hagerty Insurance.

Robert S. McLeese. Toronto, Ontario.

Rob is chairman and founder of the recently created Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, located on the shore of Georgian Bay in Canada. Rob has owned classic cars since 1988, is an NAACC certified judge and has judged at the Arizona, Hilton Head and Boca Raton concours.

Miles Morris, Wesion, Connecticut.

Miles is a 3rd-generation collector and enthusiast. In 1989 he joined Christie’s car department and eventually transferred to the U.S. with the company. He ultimately became worldwide head of Christie’s International Motor Cars. He has since founded Morris & Welford, international specialist historic car consultant and broker.

Mark Moskowitz. Gastonia, North Carolina.

Mark is director and curator of The Museum of Automobile History and manages the estate of renowned automotive artist Carlo Demand. He serves on the board of directors of Carolina Motorsports Park and is vice chairman of the board of directors of The Motorspots Hall of Fame of America.

Scott Newkam. Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Owner of One Sweet Ride and a noted purveyor of fine collectible cars. AACA Museum board member, race fan, Porsche buff and former CEO of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts.

West Peterson. Washington Township. Ohio.

West is editor in chief/director of design of Antique Automobile, former editor of Cars & Parts, Cars & Parts Corvette and Car Collector magazines, and a freelance writer. Recipient of the Lee Iacocca Award, and SAE's Richard & Grace Brigham Award.

Jay Quail. Elm Grove, Wisconsin.

Jay is executive director of the Classic Car Club of America and a member of the Society of Automobile Historians. A second-generation car guy, he grew up around all aspects of the car world. A longtime connoisseur of automobiles and a keen student of their history, he brings a fresh eye to the concours style of judging.

David Schultz, Massillon, Ohio.

David has been a vintage car enthusiast for more than 50 years, but considers himself an automotive historian rather than a car collector. He owns several 1930s Lincolns and focuses on driving them, not showing them. He’s past president of the Classic Car Club of America, a trustee of the CCCA Museum and president of the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation. He was a concours director for many years, exhibited automobiles ad judged at concours events throughout the U.S. and is currently chief judge of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. He is a columnist for Hemmings’ Classic Car.

Susan Tatios. Westtown, Pennsylvania.

Manager at Mike Tillson Motorcars. Has judged at many concours including Boca Raton Concours, Churchill Downs Concours, French Lick Concours, Radnor Concours, Hilton Head Concours, and a number of others.

Michael Tillson III, Westtown, Pennsylvania.

Mike is founder of Tillson Motorcars and the Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance. He began his career crafting custom bodies with the Derham Body Co. in Rosemont, Pa., and later with Algar Ferrari. He was also involved in international racing as a driver and car builder. Mike and his team currently compete in major motor racing events around.

Rubén L. Verdés. Boca Raton, Florida.

Rubén is vice president and board director of The Rolls-Royce Owners' Club, vice chairman and board director of The Rolls-Royce Foundation, executive committee member of The Boca Raton Concours, editor of the SAH Journal, and contributing editor of the Rolls-Royce club's The Flying Lady.

Bob Wade, Belvidere, New Jersey.

Bob is a retired attorney and a lifelong car enthusiast and collector, especially of European sports cars from the 1950s and ’60s. He has raced vintage cars in the VSCCA and has been a judge at local car events as well as the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance.